View appointments on your office scheduled in OfficeEMR Mobile

The Office Schedule in the OfficeEMR Mobile application will allow a user to quickly view all appointments for a specific resource.

Steps to view the Office Schedule

  1. Tap the Schedule icon on the home screen.  

  2. The Schedule (Office Schedule) option should be selected by default.  Based on your user's default resource, you will see a list of appointments scheduled with that resource on the selected date.

Steps to Change the Resource

  1. To change the resource you are looking at, tap the ... icon in the upper right.

  2. Click the Change Resource option.

  3. Select the resource from the list that you would like to view.  Appointments for that resource will now be displayed.

Steps to Change the Date

  1. To change the date you are looking at, tap the word Today along the top of the screen. Or, use the arrows to navigate forward or backward one day at a time.

  2. Select the date from the calendar to view the appointments for that day.

Appointment List Details

For each appointment displayed in the list, the following details will be shown:

  • Patient Last Name,  Patient First Name, Patient Middle Initial (Age Gender)
  • Appointment Type
  • Appointment Location
  • Appointment Start Time (Appointment Duration)
  • Appointment Status
  • Chief Complaint Icon - tapping this will display the full chief complaint.
  • A Completed indicator will display in green if an appointment has a charge (superbill) linked to it.