Statements Overhaul Coming on May 20th, 2021

iSalus Healthcare is excited to formally announce our release date of the Statements Overhaul project that we have been working on for several months.  The Statements Overhaul project was released to production for all customers on May 20th, 2021  at 10:00 pm ET.  

As part of iSalus' ongoing commitment to modernizing and automating the workflows within the billing system, we have completely re-designed how the statement process will work.  This new statement process is designed to be far more intuitive and automated with an eye on enhancing patient collections.


The new Statement Process is:

  1. Intuitive:  We have designed specific workflows and screens in the system dedicated to identifying patients that are ready to have a statement that needs to be sent out, then automatically creating and submitting the batch.  Learn more about the statement workflow: Statements.
  2. Business Rule Driven:  The statement screen has a setup window that will allow practices to implement their business rules related to statement generate into the software so that the statement process is driven from these rules. Learn more about setting up your statement workflows: Statement Setup.
  3. Proactive:  The statement process now has a proactive process to identify errors in statements before they are ever batched up.  The system will identify issues (i.e. patients that don't have a responsible party, patients with credit balances, patients with unapplied receipts, and much more) before a batch is ever created.  This will allow your team to work on these issues proactively before a statement batch is generated.  Learn more about working the warnings on statements: Statement Warnings.
  4. Automated:  The new statement process is also designed to eliminate the need for manually creating batches, manually changing claim statuses, and much more.  For practices that use an integrated statement vendor, batches can be created and sent on the day of your choice without any human intervention. Learn more about automating your statement workflow: Automatic Statements Guide.
  5. Designed to Increase Patient Collections with enhanced Statement Layouts:  iSalus has re-designed our statement layouts to increase patient collections.  Studies have proven that by providing patients with 'Past Due' and 'Collection' notices within the statement workflow will prompt patients to make payments more timely.  These options can now be set up for practices that manually print statements out of iSalus and those that use our new statement vendor, Data Media.   Check out the new statement layout options: Statement Formats (Print/View).
  6. Email and Print Statements via Data Media:  iSalus has partnered with a new statement vendor - Data Media -to help automate your statement workflow and increase patient collections.  Data Media provides a myriad of ways for patients to receive statements including via mail and e-mail.  This new partnership will give patients more modern ways of getting a copy of their statements and paying those outstanding balances. 
  7. Online Payments via Data Media:  Data Media offers the ability for patients to pay their statement balance online using a credit card.  This payment is then automatically sent back to iSalus and posted as a payment against the patient's account.  This works through our PaySimple integration. Learn more about signing up with PaySimple to take advantage of this exciting new feature: Credit Card Processing - PaySimple.

We are so excited about this new process and think you will be too!