Copy an Existing Claim

There are a number of reasons why a user may need to copy an existing claim. The most common reasons are that the provider performs the same procedures every visit and does not complete a new Superbill, or that a claim needs to be split, or procedures on a single claim need to be on two separate claims. In the event that you need to copy an existing claim, here are the appropriate steps.

  1. Go to Claim Query screen and search for the claim you wish to copy.

  2. Double click to open the claim.

  3. From the Open icon, click the drop down arrow and select Copy.

  4. Enter the new appropriate claim From/To date, and click OK.

  5. Click Open in the Copy Claim window.
  6. The new claim will open for you in another window to make any necessary edits. The claim will be in a status of Ready to Send Primary by default.
  7. Save any changes.