Release 22.03 - March 10th, 2022

New Features and Updates



  • U12659 - MIPS Dashboard Update:  In order to support the 2022 reporting period (1/1/22 - 12/31/22), the MIPS Promoting Interoperability, Improvement Activity, and Quality Performance categories have all been updated.  
  • U12824 - Promoting Interoperability Report Update:  The Promoting Interoperability report has been updated in order to support the 2022 changes for the Health Information Exchange, Public Health, and Clinical Data Reporting.
  • U12822 - New Health Information Exchange (HIE) option:  CMS created a new optional Health Information Exchange (HIE) Bi-Directional Exchange measure that can be reported in place of the Referral Loops (Send Health Info and Receive & Incorporate Health Info.) To learn more about this feature click here.
  • U11546 - New support for Providers without an SPI number:  For some practices, there may be doctors who do not have prescriptive rights (e.g. Physical Therapists, Speech Pathologists, and Audiologists) but still need to be reported for MIPS. To resolve this, the MIPS Dashboard has been modified in order to support providers without an SPI number. 
    • When adding a provider to the 2022 forward MIPS Dashboard, users can now select a new option called, "No Prescriptive Rights" in place of an active SPI number. 
    • Providers with "No Prescriptive Rights" selected for their SPI will not be included in the Promoting Interoperability e-Prescribing Measure report.  



  • U12923 - NADEAN Number Requirement Override:  Our pain Providers are prescribing some of the Buprenorphine medications "off label" for chronic pain instead of for opioid addiction therapy. Currently, the system requires the NADEAN number when prescribing these medications. This is problematic for the patient, as they may get flagged with substance abuse problems and be required to attend substance abuse classes. To compensate for this, the system will now allow the Provider to override the NADEAN requirement when the prescription has an indication (diagnosis) for pain. To learn more about this feature click here.

Bug Fixes and Minor Changes


  • U12836 - Patient Advanced Search update:  Added a SSN (Social Security Number) search field to the Patient Advanced Search screens.
  • U12951 - Added an Inactive Patients filter:  Added an Include Inactive Patients checkbox to the Patient Advanced Search screens:

My Tasks

  • B12930 - Superbill 'Save' warning:  While navigating the 'Missing' Superbill section, some users experienced an invalid prompt to continue without saving. 


  • B12592 - Duplicate Recall Records:  Editing a Recall record was creating a duplicate record once it was saved.