Company Setting: EMR Codified Allergy Required

The 'EMR Codified Allergy Required' company setting is used to determine if non-codified allergies can or can not be added to a patient's chart within the Allergies chart tab.

Default Value:  Off


  • Off- Users can add non-codified allergies to the allergies chart tab
  • On - Users can not add non-codified allergies to the allergies chart tab.

Special Considerations:

In the event that your practice allows patients to enter allergies via the Intelligent Intake, it is important to be aware that patient's may still add non-codified allergies on the intake.  If the company setting is On, an error will be produced when a user attempts to merge these allergies into the chart.  Users will need to manually add the correct allergies as desired to the Allergies chart tab: Add a new Allergy