Release 24.101 - January 25th, 2024

Executive Summary

Procedure POS, Quarter Date Values, and SSN added to Analytics

Release Note

MIPS Dashboard 
Enabled MIPS Dashboard for 2024 Reporting
Release Note | Documentation
Update to 2024 Provider Screen to Require 180 Days Reporting Period
Release Note | Documentation
Update to the 2024 MIPS Query of the PDMP
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Billing Analytics

  • U16932 - Adding Procedure POS, Quarter Date Values, and SSN for Billing Analytics:  As we transition customer reports from the old Billing Analytics to the new Billing Analytics we have identified 3 additional fields needed to migrate their existing reports over. We added the following fields to be present in the downloaded file for the Billing Analytic Report. 
    • Procedure POS
      • Added "Code POS" as an option under Claim Line Code
    • Quarter Date Values:
      • Added "Deposit Quarter" under Deposit Date Y-M-D
      • Added "Post Date Quarter" under Post Date Y-M-D
      • Added "Production Quarter" under Production Date Y-M-D 
      • Added "Service Quarter" under Service Date Y-M-D 
    • SSN
      • Added "Patient SSN" under Patient Demographics

MIPS Dashboard

  • U16640 - Enabled MIPS Dashboard for 2024 Reporting:  We enabled the MIPS Dashboard to support the MIPS Promoting InteroperabilityImprovement Activities, and Quality Performance for the 2024 reporting period. We have included the new year in the dropdown allowing users to add new providers for the new reporting period (January 1, 2024 - December 31, 2024 ) in the MIPS Dashboard. Users will now be able to view their PI progress, extract the MIPS PI Report, and extract the Mingle Health Quality data file extract reports for the 2024 reporting period.  
  • U16769 - MIPS 2024 Provider Screen to Require 180 Days Reporting Period:  When Adding/Editing a new Provider/Group for the 2024 MIPS Reporting, there is now a 180-day reporting period required. We have modified the 2024 reporting period so the only options are 180 Days or Full Year (the reporting period must be between 01/01/2024 and 12/31/2024). This change will not impact previous reporting years before 2024 and will only affect the Promoting Interoperability calculations.

  • U16772 - Update to the MIPS Query of The PDMP 2024:  The MIPS "Query of PDMP" within the Promoting Interoperability measure will remain the same as 2023 for the 2024 reporting except for the verbiage in the exclusion line 2. We have updated the exclusion PDMP verbiage for 2024, from “Writes fewer than 100 permissible prescriptions during the performance period.” to “Does not electronically prescribe any Schedule II opioids or Schedule III or IV drugs during the performance period.”

Bug Fixes


Patient AMP

  • B17039 - Patient AMP Duplicating Lab Results:  An issue was occurring in which the results within the Patient Amp section for the 3 most recent values were duplicating the same value in column 1 and column 2, displaying the value that was supposed to be in column 2 in column 3, and the value from column 3 was not being displayed at all. We corrected this issue so that the AMP Results now display the corresponding last 3 values without any duplication.



  • B17042 - Resource Templates Not Being Kept When Refreshing The Scheduler:  Corrected an issue within the iScheduler V2 that was causing Resource Templates (non-day) to disappear from the scheduler after refreshing the scheduler.



  • B15071 - Human Readable ERA Print Error For Large ERAs:  Addressed an issue when printing large Human Readable ERAs where the PDF build would initiate, but an “Unable to Render HTML” error message would prevent the PDF from finalizing. We have now implemented a max row print of 100 pages to allow the PDF to finalize. For Human Readable ERAs exceeding 100 pages, you can now print page ranges. Example: 1-100 pages, and 101-140 pages.