Allergies Chart Tab Features

Allergen Search

The Add Allergen search bar allows a user to find an allergen that you would like to add to the selected patient's chart. When a user begins to type in the search box, a list of results are displayed. Any allergens listed with a black ? are non-codified which would be excluded from the interaction checks. 

Favorites List Search

If a user selects the drop-down to the right of the search box, a list of allergens will be displayed. The system generates this list based on allergens that are used most frequently.

Allergen List Summary

The Allergen List Summary displays the patient's active list of allergens along with the symptoms. Each allergen is selectable in the event any updates to the allergen need to occur.

Allergen Symptoms Window

The Allergen Symptoms window is available when adding a new allergen or when an existing allergen is selected from the Allergen Summary. This window allows the user to access and update all symptoms and/or severity for each allergen. Removing an allergen is also in this window. 

The symptoms window will display the following elements:

  • Symptom #1-5
  • Comment
  • Severity
  • Remove Allergen
  • Always display window on a new allergen

Allergen List History

Nearly all of the same features and functionality that apply to the 'Allergy List Summary' window apply to the history. The major difference is that the history will display all allergies including those that have been removed.