Release 20.1.3 - Patch Release May 7th, 2020

Updates and Bug Fixes

My Tasks


  • Icons not displaying correctly:  Icons for messages in the Communication list were being cut off at the bottom.


Resource Schedule

  • Unable to print multi-selected resource schedules:  Users would receive an error when trying to print multi-selected Resource schedules.  This has been fixed.

Order Entry Chart Tab

  • Order Entry patient data incorrect:  Some patient data was auto-populating with incorrect values when using a template with an Order Fulfillment template that pulled in patient level defaults. This has been resolved. 
  • Manual Assignment Window: The 'OK' button has now been fixed to save and close the assignment window when confirming order route and associated diagnosis codes to orders. 


  • ChartShareMD Login: Users can now log in to ChartShareMD again.

SOAP Notes / Progress Notes

  • Sign-Off Status: Sign-off status for notes signed by secondary and primary users display the proper status in the hover details and history screen of the SOAP/ Progress Notes Chart Tab


Deposit Claims

  • Added a new Claim error:  When the 'Carrier Payment' does not match the payments reported across the procedure lines, the system will now create a new error: "Claim payment amount does not match reported payment amount on procedure lines." The user will then be required to disburse the claim payments to the correct lines.
  • Updated logic for Procedure Code Conflicts:   If a claim's Procedure Code date of service does not match the date of service on the ERA, the system will now flag that as a Procedure Code Conflict and you will need to link this code manually.  Learn more about procedure code conflicts here.
  • Changed the format of how the Procedure Code displays on a Deposit Claim to make the information easier to read.  Example:
    • Before:  Procedure: 1036F 1 Unit(s) 06/04/2019 Posting Balance: $20.00 Charge Amount: $0.01
    • After:     Procedure: 1036F - 1 Unit(s) - 06/04/2019 - Charged: $0.01 - Posting Balance: $20.00


  • COB adjustments were not being calculated correctly:  The system was taking the amount posted (e.g. -20.00) and incorrectly populating the COB field with that exact amount instead of the inverse (e.g. +20.00).  For those adjustments that might have been applied incorrectly, we have corrected these. 
  • Deposits screen default search results was not filtering correctly:  Now the default search results will only include deposits meeting the following criteria: 
    • Have not been sent to posting
    • Have deposit errors


Quick Pay

  • Ability to accept $0.00 Receipts:  Some practices post $0.00 receipts via the quick pay window to track when a patient DOES NOT pay.  When we updated this window, we stopped this from working.  Practices can now update a company setting to allow this to happen.
  • Added Check Number/ ID Field back:  When the receipts window was re-built, we accidentally left the Check Number/ ID field off.  This has been added back.


Intake Setup

  • Communication Preferences not Saving:  Fixed an issue where some communication preferences for the Intelligent Intake reminders were not saving correctly.