Check Patient Out

How to Check-Out Appointments   Video Guide

  1. Right click over the appointment, select Checked-Out

2. The Quick Pay screen will load, where the Patient Validation verification can be ran again, ensuring all necessary information has been entered

3. If your practice does not take copays at check-in, this can be entered from this same screen:

4. Simply enter the Payment Amount, Payment Type (Co-pay), and Payment Method in the Receipt Detail area of the Quick Pay window. 

5. The green pushpin within the tabs indicate an item is ready to be printed or processed.  For example, a pushpin above Orders could indicate that a follow up appointment requires scheduling.

6. Selecting this tab displays Open Orders. Select the order below the patient's name. This will display the order details in the right side of the window. After reviewing the order details, you can schedule the appointment by selecting the double boxes in the upper right hand corner of the QuickPay window. This will minimize the QuickPay window to take you to the iScheduler to schedule the follow-up visit. 

7. Once the appointment is scheduled, select the calendar box in the upper, left-hand corner to re-open the QuickPay window

8. Single click on the Processing status to Close the Order

9. Once any follow-up appointments are made and orders are closed, navigate to the Print Queue tab to view all items waiting to be printed. If no additional items need to be printed, navigate back to the Receipt Tab and use the Print Receipt button to print the receipt with the future appointment info.