Release 21.02 - Release February 2nd, 2021

Updates and Bug Fixes


Payment Entry

  • Payment Entry Overhaul:  The Payment Entry window has been re-written to be more modern, faster, and easier to use.  It now will also work on Google Chrome.  Learn more about the changes here: New Payment Screen.

My Tasks


  • B11318 - Direct Message error:  Resolved an issue where some users would experience an error when trying to open a Direct Message.


Chrome Compatibility

  • U10178 - Chrome compatibility conversion:  Since Microsoft® has begun the process of phasing out Internet Explorer, we have started converting the remaining areas of our software (that were previously only compatible with IE) to be fully compatible with Chrome.  

Please note, we will be performing this conversion on the remaining 'IE-only' compatible sections of the software with subsequent releases. With this release, the newly converted areas that are now Chrome compatible are:

  • Billing
    • Payments
      • All Payment entry screens
      • Aging Analysis
      • All Claim entry screens
      • Deposits
      • EOB
      • All Quick Pay screens
      • Receipt Details
    • Payment Posting > Receipts
    • Payment Posting > Referred Care > Setup (gear icon)
      • Financial
      • Vendor
      • CAN
      • Referred Care Type
      • Medical Priority
      • Service Class
      • Procedure Status
      • Referral Status
  • Reports
    • General > Contract Review
    • General > IHS
    • General > Employer
    • Billing > PM Reports
    • Billing > Transactions
    • EMR > EMR Search (Depreciated)
    • EMR > Prescription Log
    • Meaningful Use > Disease Management
    • Public Health > Syndromic Surveillance Export