Release 23.07 - May 4th, 2023

New Features and Updates


User Setup

  • U13616 - Security User ID added:  Within some audit screens, changing of processors displays as an ID# rather than user name.  Added the User ID to the User Setup screen allowing users to be more easily identified in the audit.  Additionally, in the User Setup search field, ID #'s are searchable.  


Appointment Reminder

  • U14989 - Appointment Reminder Report:  For practices who have transitioned to our new Appointment Reminders vendor, a report has been added to show Reminder Status, Communication method and more.  This will be under Reports > General > Appt Reminders.  The report features an Advanced Search as well as a Quick Search.  More details can be found by clicking here.

Note: Please note if your practice has not transitioned yet, this report will not properly pull reminder statuses.  


Problem List

  • U12940 - Inactive ICD10 Codes:  When an existing diagnosis on a patient's Problem List has been inactivated by CMS, the ICD-10 code will display in red to be more apparent.

Bug Fixes


Intelligent Intake

  • B13622 - Intelligent Intake Link Error:  Corrected an issue where Android users received an intake link via text resulting in "incorrect or expired" message.  

Patient Cost Estimator

  • B15036 - Printing Estimates:  When printing Out of Network benefits, Expected Out of Pocket Cost will accurately print to reflect the onscreen estimate.  

My Tasks


  • B15079 - Dialysis Batch Eligibility:  Typically batch eligibility runs once a month for dialysis patients.  Eligibility responses returned with an error will now be included in the daily Auto-Retry Error Batch Eligibilities until a response is returned without error.