How do I remove a result linked to the wrong patient?

There are cases where unsolicited results will be manually linked to the wrong chart. When these results are linked to patient charts using the unsolicited queue (My Task – Orders) they can be removed. Learn more about how results are matched to a patient: How are electronic lab results matched to orders?

  1. Navigate to the EMR
  2. Open the chart that has the incorrect result linked
  3. Go to the Order Entry Chart Tab > History (from the toolbar)
  4. From the Orders Tab select open the Order Processing Window (yellow street sign)


  5. From the toolbar, you will see a Red X
If the red X is not available, then you will need to contact support. This result was not linked using the unsolicited labs queue.
  1. This will place the order in the My Task – Orders > Unsolicited Results queue to be reassigned or removed altogether.