Setting the Arrange By in Order Entry - History

You may wish to arrange the list to better find the appropriate orders. This can be done by selecting Arranged By. This would allow you to sort this list in the following ways:

  • Priority | Each order has a priority assigned by default, it can be changed when placing the order or afterward. 
  • Type | Allows you to sort by the order type. Things such as labs, referrals, radiology, surgeries, etc. 
  • Order | Sort by the individual order item descriptions.
  • Order Date | The date the order was placed.
  • Order By | This field is set while placing an order and cannot be modified after the order has been placed.  
  • Appointment Date | An appointment date & time can be set for the order and sorted in the list.
  • Processor | The user or user group the order is assigned to.