Statement Overview

In the Billing portal, there is a category for Statements. Within that category is found the Ready to Send statements screen and the statement Batches screen. Users will use these screens to work statement warnings, review statements, create statement batches, review statement batches, and submit statements.  In addition, using the Statement Setup Screen, a user can configure the system to batch statements manually, automatically, or in a hybrid fashion (a combination of both).

Training Video

Manual Statements

Manual statements are for practices that want to control every step of the process.  

Statements can be reviewed prior to adding them to a batch. Batches are manually created based on a selection in the Ready to Send screen. Once the batch is created, users can then review the batch prior to submitting it in the Batches screen. When the user is satisfied the batch can then be manually submitted/printed using the More button on the Batches screen.

Automatic Statements

Automatic statements are for practices that want the most efficiency possible.

Statements will be automatically processed on the designated day of the month in the statement cycle settings and all of the statements without warnings will be automatically sent electronically. The statements with warnings will populate onto the Ready to Send screen with a "Past Due" indicator. The user will review and address the warnings. These statements can then be manually batched or they will go out in the next automatic cycle.

Hybrid Statements

Hybrid statements are for practices that want to be efficient but have chosen to print their statements in-house or for practices that wish to double-check the batch before they sent out.

Statement batches will be automatically created on the designated day of the month in the statement cycle settings. The user will then go to the batches screen the next day and correct any warnings as desired. Once satisfied the user will submit the batch manually using the More button or the Submit Batch button inside the Statement Batch Details screen.

Vendor Integration

We have chosen to partner with Data Media Associates as our print/mail/e-mail statement vendor.  The features offered by this vendor will be very helpful to our practices going forward:

  • Enhanced Statement Design to maximize patient collection
  • eStatements to reach patients within hours of batch submission
  • Automated pre-collect letters based on statement level
  • Online payment integration that processed automatically back to the billing system
  • Payment plans with Auto-Charge functionality