Link an unsolicited refill request to a patient

For users that manage the Unsolicited Refill queue, one of the key responsibilities is linking a refill request that was received by the pharmacy to the correct patient in your application.  Most of the time, this connection will happen automatically if the correct data points are supplied by the pharmacy that initiated the request.  In the event that a patient can not be auto-linked to the refill request, you will need to perform that action. Follow the steps below:

Steps to link a patient to an unsolicited refill request

  1. After selecting the refill request from the list on the left, you will see a prompt asking you to associate the refill to a patient. The patient details provided by the pharmacy will show on the left.
  2. Use the search box to find the patient you wish to link the request to. Select the patient from the list.
  3. The system will compare the demographics provided by the pharmacy to the demographics on file in the application. Differences will be shown in red for your convenience.
  4. Click Save to associate the refill to the selected patient.