NDC Errors

Claims that contain NDC Errors can be found:

Starting from the Revenue Cycle Wheel:

  • Hover over the group and click the magnifying glass to open the billing query screen

To Correct an NDC Error

  1. Double click on one of the claims
  2. There will be a red X next to Monitoring under Messages and Monitoring and NDC Errors will be listed under Claim Issues under Queue and Tasking

  3. Right-click on the procedure code and choose NDC.

  4. From this screen you can quickly move between procedure lines to enter the correct values for NDC Value, Price, Quantity, and Unit. These fields are often required for NDC codes. Once changes are made click the Save button

  5. Monitoring should now have a green check mark and the Claim Issues are now gone. Close the Edit Claim screen. (Note: The NDC error may persist if the documented price and quantity do match the charge on the claim)