The ONC APIs, meant for patient use have been created to allow patients programmatic access to their data per ONC regulations. The documentation in this section is intended for patient use and requires a patient to have a MyMedicalLocker account and be connected to their practice. The API will return data contained within a CCD.

API Testing Sites

SandBox: http://dev.isalushealthcare.com/officemobile/screens/webservices.htm

Production: https://www.officemd.net/officemobile/screens/webservices.htm

Patients will likely only have access to production so the sandbox will likely not be used. The credentials used must be obtained from an iSalus Healthcare representative. Complete the TypeForm to get set up with a developer account.

Data Not on File

If any API is executed, it is possible that data may not be on file. This could be an entire category of data (i.e. patient has no immunizations) or an element within a category (i.e. Demographics were requested, but the patient did not have a value saved for ‘Race’). If an entire category of data is absent, the API will return the date range originally entered on the initial call, but no subsequent details. This is essentially an empty response. If an element in a data category is absent, the API will not return the given node. In some rare cases, it is also possible to receive the node back, but no data within it.

Terms of Service