Claim Query Overview

In the Billing portal, there is a category for Insurance. Within that category is found the Claim Query screen and the Claim Account Query screen. Users will use these screens to submit claims to insurance, modify claim information, print letters, and work rejections and denials.  

The Claim Query is a claim search screen. This screen displays results that are claim based. On this screen the user can select from a large number of fields what to display in the search results. The list of results can then be sorted and filtered even further directly on the screen using the headings bar. Users are also able to Advanced Search based on every field that is available for display. Once results are displayed there are a number of actions that can be performed based on the search list.  

The Claim Account Query is also a claim search screen but this screen displays the results by account. On this screen the user is given account based fields for the search results.  Users can still use the the Advanced Search with the full list of options as in the Claim Query. Additional actions are available on this screen that are Account based.

Training Video

Claim Query & Claim Account Query Introduction