Release 22.16 - November 17th, 2022

Executive Summary

Credit Card Payments
    Option for partial refunds
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Refund details on receipt
Release Note | Documentation
Option to save swiped cards
Release Note | Documentation

New Features and Updates


Credit Card Payments

  • U10351 - Added ability for partial credit card refunds:  When reversing a payment that was origianlly paid by credit card, users now have the option to partially refund that amount back to the credit card:
  • U11003, U12239 - Receipt Credit Card refund details:  If a credit card payment is reversed and the refund is applied back to the credit card, the receipt will now indicate that on the Receipt Details along with the last 4 digits of the credit card that was originally used for the payment:

  • U13982 Save Swiped Cards:  Users now have the option to save swiped credit cards into the system for future payments (this option was already available for credit cards that were manually entered):


  • U14036 - Redesigned Clear Blue Bar Feature:  In Release 22.13, a feature was implemented that allowed Template Blue Bar data to be cleared with a single-click. This caused some confusion since the option appeared on a Blue Bar whether or not there was data in that section. In an effort to simplify the process, the red x was replaced with a blue eraser icon and will now only appear if there is data within that Blue Bar. To learn more about this functionality click here.



  • U13695 - Medication Status alerts update:  Patient medications that are marked with a status of Complete or Discontinued will no longer generate a text alert to the patient. 

Bug Fixes



  • B14181 - Appointment comments not displaying:  Patient appointment comments were not displaying on the printed Superbill.



  • B14135 - Appointment Reminder selection buttons not working:  Users were unable to click the selection buttons (Home, Work, Other, Override) under the Miscellaneous > Appointments Reminder > Reminder Value section (only the text was clickable.) 



  • B14104 - ERA Display not maximizing:  When viewing an ERA from the Claim History screen, the ERA display screen was not fully maximizing with the window.