Accessing the Prescription Queue

This queue is accessible within a Patient Chart under Medications as well as the Prescription My Tasks list.

Follow these instructions to access this new feature:

Patient Chart within EMR

  1. Within the EMR Portal select patient or search for a patient.

  2. Click on the Prescriptions/Medications chart tab.

  3. The prescriptions chart tab opens up to the Prescription Details/Rx Pad. This allows users to immediately add a patient reported medication or prescribe a new medication using the same process as has been used in the past. Rather than Click the Send button, users may select Queue at the bottom right of the prescription Details/Rx Pad to add it to the Prescription Queue to be reviewed, signed and sent later in a batch.
  4. Once the prescriber is ready to review all items within the Prescription Queue, Select the Queue button on the Prescription bar.

My Tasks List under Prescriptions

  1. Under My Tasks, select Prescriptions
  2. Select Queue on the toolbar