Release 21.10 - Release June 8th, 2021

Updates and Bug Fixes



  • U11542 - Updated PDF Generation:  Replaced the tool that is used to generate PDF files with a more current and stable application called ChoicePDF. PDF pages are generated within many areas of the software including Reports, Order Entry, Letters, Exams, Prescriptions, etc.


  • U11813/11814 - Updated Immunization Codes:  In order to keep the Immunization documentation up to date, the list of NDC to CVX to MVX codes has been updated for the current year as well as the CVX to VIS data. The new codes can be seen in the Immunizations Setup screen as well as the EHR Immunizations chart tab. 
  • U11708 - New Administered Location Company Setting:  Some Immunization Registries will not process HL7 files sent from the practice if the Administered Location segment is populated (RXA.11.) To resolve this, a new Company Setting has been added called HL7 Immunization 2.5.1 RXA 11 Blank. When the flag is checked the Administered Location segment will be blank in the generated HL7 file:


  • B11878 - Duplicate Credit Card Payments:  Resolved an issue where double-clicking the <Submit Payment> button for credit card payments was causing the payment to process multiple times.



  • 11953 Created 'Lab Results by Date' Connect report:  Created a new Connect report called Lab Results by Date which will return all lab results received over the specified date range with the specified lab measure. For more information on adding and using this report, click here. 
  • 11967 - Improvements to the new Billing Analytics package:  Made the following 'quality of life' changes to the new Billing Analytics: 
    • Added several non-hierarchical date fields to the "Date Fields" category, allowing for more straightforward slicers based on post, service, or production month.
    • Moved the non-hierarchical Post and Service date fields to the "Date Fields" category. 
    • Modified Code Description to truncate to 30 characters.
    • Added fields:
      • Patient Location ID [Location]
      • Service Location ID [Location]
      • Service Location State [Location]
      • Service Location Zip Code [Location]
      • Code Description (Long) [Claim Line Code]
    • If a certain provider type is unassigned on a claim, rather than show as blank it will show as "* Unassigned". 
    • Provider names have been amended to include provider credentials. 
    • If no measures in the Values section of a Pivot Table have values for a given row, the row will no longer appear on the report. 
  • For more information about the New Billing Analytics cube you can click here. Subsequently, you can also click here to see the Data Dictionary for additional information about the new fields.