Release 23.11 - June 29th, 2023

Executive Summary

EPCS Identity Proofing BETA

Release Note | Documentation

Prescription Queue BETA

Release Note | Documentation

The Prescription Approval Queue & EPCS Credential features released within 23.11 are in a BETA phase. During this time users will be able to use the Prescription Approval Queue for the purpose of Preparing & Approving NON-CONTROLLED substances ONLY.

Stay tuned for the full release in the coming weeks!

New Features and Updates



  • F14622 - Prescription Approval Queue:  This new feature will be available to providers using EPCS credentials.  It will allow prescriptions to be added to a queue for review, signing, and sending in a batch without the need to enter PIN/2FA for each individual prescription.  More information can be found here.   

  • NOTE: This feature is in a BETA state, users will be unable to submit requests for these credentials until a full GA release. Expected the week of 7/10.

    F14482 - EPCS Credentialing and Prescribing via  This will replace IdenTrust for Identity Proofing & EPCS Credentials.  Prescribers will be contacted when current credentialing expires.  For Prescribers wanting to switch earlier, please contact Customer Success.  An overview of integration can be found here.  Information on completing enrollment with can be found here.

  • U14678 - Remove NADEAN Requirement for Buprenorphine:  In response to Congress changing this requirement, updates have been made including: 
    • Removal of the Company Setting "NADEAN Pain Override Diagnosis Code"
    • New prescriptions, refills and prescription changes no longer require a diagnosis code for pain or sending the prescriber's NADEAN number. More information can be found directly on the DEA Diversion Control site here.  



  • U15773 - Practice Patient Payment Report:  This new report provides patient payment totals for the date range and patients specified.  More information can be found here .  
  • U15231 - Charge Lag:  This report has been enhanced to include Provider, Location, and Sign Off details. Additionally, users can now choose to include or exclude Corrected Claims.  More information can be found here

My Task Counts

  • U14692 - Rx Approvals:  With the introduction of the Prescription Queue, this was added to the My Task counts for visibility of timely completion for queued Prescriptions.  This will display by Provider (not Prescriber) to show Prescription totals.  Selecting a Provider row will open a window displaying Patients with queued prescriptions.  Selecting a patient will open the Patient-Level approval queue defaulted to the selected provider.  More information on My Task Counts can be found here and more information on the Prescription My Task here.

Bug Fixes



  • B15444 - Claim Tab:  Resolved an issue where the Claim tab was not opening from the QuickPay screen when there wasn't an associated appointment.



  • B15717 - Send Letter:  Resolved a character limitation issue causing an error message to occasionally display. 



  • B15633 - Send Communication:  Corrected an issue some users were experiencing where the Assign To field was cut-off preventing access to load the selected users.