Batch Eligibility - My Task Flow

  1. Navigate to my task list and click on Eligibility.
  2. From the tool bar within the my task list you can export to excel, open patient in EMR, and open patient in the iScheduler.
  3. Workflow is to fix all inactive insurances for various reasons. The list will sort by appointment, chart, patient, location, and primary insurance. Insurances can show up inactive for a variety of reasons.
  4. Click on the patient you want to start your tasking.
  5. From this list you can fix the patient demographics and ascertain why the insurance eligibility failed. 
  6. You can view insurance cards, look at the patient set up, and change insurance information all from the screen.
  7. After you fix the errors, then run a real time eligibility from within the task list. When ran the partial insurance breakdown will who within the screen.
  8. The patient’s full breakdown is in the pdf.
  9. After the insurance has been updated, click on the two refresh arrows for the task to fall off the list.