Workflow and Template Review

Workflow and Template Review

As we near the end of the database configurations and Superuser training, we are preparing for all staff trainings. In order to effectively prepare for all staff trainings, all template configurations and workflows must be finalized and approved by the practice Superusers during weeks 7-8. 

Receive Sign Off on Clinical Templates

You may recall that during weeks 4-6, Superusers are responsible for reviewing all clinical templates and submitting any requested changes to the iSalus Project Manger. The customization team will work to ensure that customization requests submitted during this time will be available for review. Superusers are responsible for reviewing and ultimately approving all final clinical templates in preparation for Go-Live. Template customization requests made after week 8 cannot be guaranteed to be completed prior to Go-Live, and in most cases are considered a post Go-Live task. 

The following Chart Tab templates must be reviewed and approved for Go-Live:

  1. History 
  2. History of Present Illness (HPI)
  3. Review of Systems (ROS)
  4. Exams
  5. Treatment Plans
  6. Order Entry
  7. Patient Extension (if applicable)
  8. Dialysis Visits (Nephrology only)

Receive Sign Off on Billing Setup

At this point in the implementation process, the iSalus Billing Project Manager(s) have completed the initial billing setup items required for Go-Live. 

The following billing setup items must be reviewed and approved for Go-Live:

  1. Fee schedule/Code Class
  2. Template Actions
  3. Locations
  4. Provider Setup/Credentials
  5. Payers/Financial Class
  6. Eligibility and EDI Enrollments (must be completed and confirmed)
  7. ERA Enrollments (continue to submit them and confirm as provided) 
The following billing features must be reviewed and approved for Go-Live (when applicable):
  1. Pay Simple
  2. eStatements
  3. Batch Eligibility Setup
  4. CCI/MNC Edits Fast track Form
  5. Billing Analytics Cube
  6. Printed Clearinghouse Claims

Receive Sign Off for Workflows Per User Group

Superusers should be confident in how to navigate through the various areas of the system that pertain to their user group(s). The Superusers will provide acknowledgement to the iSalus Project Manager that the proposed workflow for their user group is acceptable. The Superusers understand that the agreed upon workflow is what their staff will be trained on during the all-staff trainings. In the event that a workflow needs to be modified, the Superuser must submit this request to the iSalus Project Manager via Asana. Requests made after week 8 can not be guaranteed to be completed by go-live, and may be considered a post go-live request. The iSalus Implementation team will make a conscious effort to prioritize requests to ensure an efficient go-live. 

All Staff Access

At the conclusion of week 8, all staff will be given access to the database. It is at the Practice's discretion how the login credentials are distributed to general staff members. Staff will be expected to practice logging in and ensure that their credentials are accurate.