Release 22.14 - September 29th, 2022

Executive Summary

Compliance Regulation
IAL2 Identity Proofing via
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New Features and Updates



  • U13834 - New Provider Identity Proofing:  The purpose of the new Identity Proofing process is to ensure that an OfficeEMR provider is who they claim to be, prior to being able to electronically send prescriptions within the EMR (this process is a requirement from SureScripts starting 9/1/22.) To learn more about how this works and how to configure Identity Proofing click here.


  • U13979/13980 Updated Immunization Codes:  In order to keep the Immunization documentation up to date, the list of NDC to CVX to MVX codes has been updated for the current year as well as the CVX to VIS data. The new codes can be seen in the Immunizations Setup screen as well as the EHR Immunizations chart tab.

ICD Codes

  • U13992 - Updated ICD10 Codes:  The system has now been updated with 2023 ICD10 Codes (active on 10/1/2022.)

Bug Fixes


SOAP/Progress Notes

  • B13930 - ASCII Characters causing print issues:  SOAP notes that contained specific ASCII characters were unable to be printed. They were also being reported as errors from third-party vendors (these characters could be getting introduced via copy/paste or Dragon dictation.) In an effort to resolve this issue, the system will now remove those invalid characters whenever a Chart tab or SOAP note is saved. 
  • B13997 - Historical view getting stuck in Source View:  When opening historical SOAP/Progress Notes in Source view, the system would remain in Source View when switching to a different SOAP/Progress Notes, instead of reverting back to Editor view



  • B13891 - Defaults overwriting new complaints/comments:  Default complaints/comments were overwriting any new complaints/comments that had already been entered in the appointment. Now when a default is selected, it will be appended to the end of any existing complaint/comment. 
  • B13890 - Line breaks in Complaints/Comments preventing Appointment from being created:  If an appointment was within a placeholder/template, and then a user added complaints/comments that contained line breaks, the appointment was unable to be created/saved.



  • B14007 - Practice Summary Details missing scrollbars:  The scrollbars were missing when viewing the details of the Practice Summary report.


  • B13964 - Invalid Document Path Image Links:  In specific cases, PPS Analytics reported an issue with the GetPatientFilterDataImage webservice. It was determined that the webservice was not accounting for a scenario in which the document path was present in the offline storage, but the associated data (supplied in base64) did not return in the webservice. Now the system will attempt to retrieve the image from both locations.