Setup > EMR Setup: Progress Note / SOAP Note Types

Setup: Progress Note / SOAP Note Types allows for customizing a label for Progress Notes / SOAP notes that can be associated with a SOAP note letter template. This is used to distinguish different types of notes, which often associate with the note's purpose and can be quickly identified under a patient's chart in the history of their SOAP notes within the Progress Note / SOAP notes chart tab. 

Automated Faxing can also be setup using SOAP note types.

This allows for practices using Electronic Faxing Services to associate specific Letter IDs (found in Setup > Letters) to the Soap Note Type in order to have more control and customization options as well as to help streamline the faxing process. A Force Letter option is also included which can override user settings for Automated Letter Template and Automated Dialysis Letter Template for that specific Soap Note Type.