The iSalusExternal.SaveAppointmentStatus webservice is intended to set the status for a given appointment.  Developers will be expected to pass in the appointment ID and the status ID.

Sample Request

        <userid />


The Request element will serve as a wrapper for the entire body of the XML request.

Request > Security

See documentation for the Security node here:  Access to Webservices

Request > Appointment_id

This is the internal iSalus appointment ID for the appointment that needs updated.

Request > Appointment_Status_ID

The internal appointment status ID that you would like to set. NOTE:  Appointment statuses can change from one practice to the next.   Use the iSalusWindow.GetList webservice and pass in 'appointment_status' to the <name> node to retrieve this list.

Appointment Status Updated:  When the appointment status is updated, the appointment ID and appointment status passed in the original request will be updated.

<response xmlns="http://www.isalushealthcare.webservices/">

Error:  When there is an error retrieving the results, an <Error> node will be returned with the appropriate code and description of the error.

<response xmlns="http://www.isalushealthcare.webservices/">
        <description>Invalid appointment status identifier.</description>