Release 20.1.7 - Patch Release May 21st, 2020

Updates and Bug Fixes


  • Added a Vitals Graph shortcut icon to the Patient Timeline:  Providers can now launch the Patient Vitals Graph from the Timeline even if no vitals have been recorded for that patient:


Revenue Cycle Wheel

  •  'View as counts' option was not using the new Posting Errors logic implemented in the previous release:  The Post > Posting Errors bucket 'View as counts' option will no longer be based on total deposit lines for the claims in the list. Instead it will only show a count for the paid amount lines for the individual claims. This gives users a more accurate number of claims that are in an error state:


  • Added new logic for claim/deposit matching:  The system will now also check against "Corrected Member IDs" when attempting to match a claim payer to an ERA deposit claim.
  • Resolved an issue with payment status on reversed payments:  If an ERA contained a reversed payment that was then resent with a corrected amount within the same ERA, the status was being left as 'Refund'. This has been corrected.
  • Added a Deposit Reconciliation search screen:  Added a new search screen to the Billing > Deposits > More drop-down. Users can search for Deposit Reconciliations either by Created or Deposit date:  
  • Added the ability to print posting details of a given deposit:  On the Deposit Postings screen, users now have the option to print either the summary or details of a posted deposit:
  • Reinstated the Owner  field on the Deposits screen:   
    • When an ERA is received the owner will automatically be set to the default owner assigned in the ERA.
    • Users will be able to update the owner on a deposit to an active user in the system.
    • The owner assigned to the deposit will be the owner assigned to the payment when it is posted.