Release 20.9 - Release November 5th, 2020

New Features



  • U10425 -  Hospitalization Round History:  In order to better manage a patient that has been treated in the hospital multiple times, a new Hospitalization Round History option has been added to the EMR.  This new feature allows a provider to see all hospital rounds that have been tracked using our application.  This will include the dates, locations, comments, and other details related to each round. 
    • This can be found here:  EMR > Patient Index card dropdown > Hospital Round History

Dialysis Rounds

  • U10435 - Integrate Telemedicine tracking for Dialysis Rounds:  For practices that administer dialysis to patients via telemedicine, there is now a seamless way to track this in the application.  This works by activating the corresponding user setting: User Setting: Prompt for Dialysis Visit delivery mechanism.  Once activated, when a dialysis visit is recorded, users will be prompted to indicate how the service was delivered.   The Dialysis Visit chart tab has also been updated so that users can manually set this value when documenting Dialysis within the application.
  • U10436 - AKI Billing Designation for Dialysis Rounds:  For practices that treat patients for Acute Kidney Injury, a new billing option has been created to track these types of visits.  To allow this to work, practice administrators must first modify the Dialysis Modalities setup window to indicate which modalities will be billed as AKI visits rather than Basic or Comprehensive visits. 
    • Configure modalities here:  Setup > Patients > Gear > Setup > Dialysis Modalities > AKI Billing
    • This will change the billing options here:  EMR > Dialysis Rounds > Add Visit



  • U8864 - Denial (CARC) Analysis Reporting: One advantage of the new payment posting module is that we can now capture reason code information on ERAs and manual EOBs. We have created a report that practices can use to analyze this CARC/denial data in aggregate -- it is called CARC Analysis, located in the left-hand navigation pane in the Billing section of the software. To learn more about this report, please click here.


  • U10730 - Added new functionality to the Deposit Reconciliation Report:  Added two new enhancements to the Deposit Reconciliation Report screen:
    • Import File drop-down filter: The drop-down list will be based on the parameters already selected on the screen (Reporting Period, Date Search Type, Deposit Owner, Deposit Status, and Deposit Type.) The list will show a max of 20 distinct filenames. If the list exceeds 20 filenames then users will be instructed to narrow down their parameters to reduce the size of the list.
    •  Summary counts have been added to the bottom of the report results for Deposit Amount, Deposit Payments, and Deposit Adjustments.
  • U9964 - Implemented a reset option for relevant Deposit, Claim, and Procedure errors:  Prior to this release, many errors didn't have an option to 'Reset' once they were resolved - meaning that if resolved incorrectly, the deposit would need to be reset if you wanted to handle them differently. Now, most errors can be individually reset as long as they haven't been sent to posting (if they're on the deposit) or posted (if they're on the claim.)
  • U9629 - Status change to 'Refund' will no longer change biller-defined statuses:  Currently when posting a deposit claim that causes a credit balance, the system can be configured to automatically change the status of the claim to 'Refund.' However, if the claim was previously in a biller-defined status (e.g., 'Denied'), changing the claim status to 'Refund' could cause another issue. For example, if there was a surgery pre-payment where there's a credit on the claim but 1-2 codes were denied. For this reason, the automatic status change to 'Refund' will no longer occur if the claim is currently in a biller-defined status.

Updates and Bug Fixes



  • U10683 - Added two new Arranged By sort options to the Task Orders screen:  Added Appointment Date and Processor sort options to the Arranged By drop-down on the Task Orders screen: 



  • U10305 - Added new logic to the Provider Rendering checkbox:  Users will no longer be able to uncheck the Rendering checkbox on the Provider setup screen if either of the following is true:
    • Provider is not listed in the License Summary
    • Provider is listed in the License Summary but the License Type is set to 'Discontinued'

          If the box cannot be unchecked due to the two rules above, a warning message will be displayed:


  • U10445 - Updated Immunization NDC codes:  In order to keep our Immunization documentation up to date, the Immunization module has been updated with current NDC/CVX/MVX codes.


  • B10744 - Nested Checkbox Controls were not functioning correctly:  In the Templates setup screen, if the 'Nesting' option on a Checkbox control was used and there was a child and parent checkbox, the child checkbox was remaining checked if the parent checkbox was unchecked. This issue has been resolved:



  • B10797 - MIPS Quality Data Exports was not populating:  Resolved an issue on the MIPS Dashboard where extracted Quality Data exports were not populating for some users. 


Intake Assignment

  • B10240 - Manually-assigned Intakes were being overridden:  When an Appointment had an Intake that was automatically assigned to it (due to the Appointment Type), if a user removed it and manually assigned a different Intake to that Appointment, the system would revert back to the original Intake if the Appointment was later modified.


Dialysis Rounds

  • B10855 - Dialysis Visits were not displaying under Dialysis Rounds:  Resolved an issue where Dialysis Visits that were assigned to a Location were not displaying under the Dialysis Rounds.

Hospital Rounds

  • U10402 - Hospital Round Location Setting:  To ensure hospital rounds are not accidently scheduled at the wrong location, a new setting has been added to the Service Location screen to indicate if a location will show up as an option when adding a new Hospital Round.
    • The setting can be found here:  Setup > Service Locations > Hospital Round
    • The setting affects the Roster Item screen.


  • B10577 - Nurses Notes were not printing from the Timeline:  Resolved an issue where users were unable to print a Nurses Note from the Summary Timeline.
  • B10300 - SOAP Note images were not printing from the Timeline:  Resolved an issue where some images loaded into SOAP Notes would not display when printed. 

Chart Tabs

  • B10123 - User Template defaults would not save if multiple line breaks were entered:  Resolved an issue with user Template defaults where multiple line breaks (clicking <Enter> after each line) entered into a text field would prevent a default user Template from saving.

Order Entry

  • U8926 - POC Test Logic Change: For Point of Care (POC) tests entered and ordered, when a result is imported and has a CPT code, this will automatically generate to the procedure code to the superbill and the soap note for the day the result returned, if the date differs from the order date.
  • B10161 - Clicking <Enter> on the Ordered By drop-down also opened the Order Template drop-down:  Resolved an issue for Chrome users where when clicking the <Enter> key on the Ordered By user drop-down search would also open the Order Template drop-down.  
  • B10774 - Quick Pick <<Patient Encounter Orders - Simple>> was not displaying correctly:  For templates that contained the Quick Pick <<Patient Encounter Orders - Simple>> , the Orders would display as 'Unknown" under the 'Simple' section. This issue has been resolved.


  • U8649 - Provider State License numbers will now be sent to SureScripts when prescribing Controlled Substances:  If a provider has a State License number entered in their Rx Provider Location setup, that number will now be sent in the message to SureScripts when prescribing Controlled Substances. Contact iSalus customer support to ensure your prescribers' registration is setup with their state license number.


  • B10811 - Documents imported using the Trickle Import process caused duplicate imports:  Resolved an issue with the Trickle Import process where duplicate documents could get imported into eDocuments if two different patients were loaded simultaneously.



  • B10579 - Deposit Reconciliation Report not filtering on User column:  Resolved an issue where the User column was not filtering correctly on the Deposit Reconciliation Report results.


PDF Report Generation

  • U10109 - Conversion to new PDF Generation Tool:  In order to standardize all report/forms printed within OfficeEMR,  we have upgraded our PDF Report generation software used in the back-end of the system.


  • U9171 - Added the ability to display timestamps in any timezone format:  Since our clients utilize our software in various time zones (MST, EST, PST, CST, AKDT) we have added the ability to customize how times are displayed in the system for that user. The new timezone logic will display the timezone based on the priority described below:
    1. The default setting will be based on the zip code that is configured in the Company Profile (Settings > Company Profile):
    2. The timezone can also be configured by user. If a user has their own timezone configured then this will override the Company Profile setting above. Learn more about this user setting here:  User Setting: Timezone Zip Code

Please note, we will be rolling this new feature out to specific sections of the software with each release. With this release, the newly configured timezone as been added to the following places:

  • Billing
    • Advanced view (History timestamp)
    • Metrics view (History timestamp)
    • Daily Receipts
    • Claim Submission > History/Summary details