Insurance Export

The Insurance Export extracts data related to the patient insurance records.  Below you will find a detailed definition of possible inputs and outputs.  

Data Location:  Setup > Patients> Insurance


  •  Payer: Allows the list of records returned to be limited by payer


  • last_name: Patient last name
  • first_name: Patient first name
  • middle_name: Patient middle name
  • nick_name: Patient nick name
  • suffix: Patient suffix
  • chart_number: Unique ID for patient (foreign key for patient)
  • payer_number:  Unique ID for the payer (primary key for payer)
  • payer_name:  Name of payer
  • start_date:  Insurance Effective start date
  • end_date: Insurance Effective end date
  • coverage: Insurance coverage level (1 for primary, 2 for secondary, etc...)
  • insurance_type: Type of payer (i.e. Medicare Part B, Commercial, Auto Insurance Policy, etc...)
  • msp_reason: Medicare supplemental policy reason
  • insured_id:  Insured ID type (i.e. Member ID #)
  • insured_id_value: Value for insured ID, usually the member ID
  • group_name:  Group name value
  • group_policy_number: Group policy Number
  • auth_req:  Auth Required Flag (yes or no)
  • secondary_id: Secondary ID type
  • secondary_id_value: Secondary ID value
  • plan_code:  Plan Code
  • copay_dollar:  Copay Dollar Amount
  • copay_percent: Copay Percentage Amount
  • deductible: Deductible Amount
  • insured_is_patient:  Insured is patient flag (yes or no)
  • insured_is_company:  Insured is company flag (yes or no)
  • insured_first_name: Insurance subscriber first name
  • insured_middle_name: Insurance subscriber middle name
  • insured_last_name: Insurance subscriber last name
  • insured_suffix: Insurance subscriber suffix
  • gender: Insurance subscriber gender
  • dob: Insurance subscriber date of birth
  • relationship: Insurance subscriber relationship to patient
  • employer: Insurance subscriber employer name
  • sig_file: Insurance subscriber signature on file flag (Yes or No)
  • address_1:  Insurance subscriber address line 1
  • address_2: Insurance subscriber address line 2
  • city: Insurance subscriber city
  • state: Insurance subscriber state 
  • zip: Insurance subscriber zip
  • home_phone: Insurance subscriber home phone number
  • email: Insurance subscriber email address