Company Setting: Prescription Settings and Rules - Prescriptions - PIN Requirement

For practices that send prescriptions electronically or print a paper prescription, you may find it beneficial to increase or decrease the security protocols related to performing these actions.   The options are as follows:

  • 0 - This is the least secure option. You will not be required to enter a PIN.
  • 1 - This is more secure than the previous option. This will require the user to enter their PIN for the first prescription sent or printed after logging in. For every prescription thereafter, no PIN will be required.
  • 2 - This is the most secure option.  This will require the user to enter their PIN for every prescription printed or sent.

Configuration Note:

All Prescription Settings and Rules can be configured here: Company Settings for Prescriptions

Default Value: 2


  • 2 - All prescriptions require a pin
  • 1 - Only the first prescription requires a pin
  • 0 - No prescriptions require a pin