Using the Blackout Overlay Appointment Status ID

If a Blackout Overlay has been applied to a schedule, and the Blackout Appointment Status ID has been configured, any existing appointments will be updated and placeholders will be removed.

Existing appointments will be updated to the Appointment Status configured in the Blackout Appointment Status ID.

Front Office users or Administrators may be trained to review these appointments in the event that they need to be rescheduled.


  1. Right click over the schedule in the iScheduler

  2. Select Search Appointments

  3. Using the fields provided, set the search criteria to the corresponding data for the Blackout Overlay

    PRO TIP: Practices may choose to use the Search Appointments to populate a list of patient appointments that need to be rescheduled, due a Blackout being applied to the schedule. Therefore, the criteria should be set to limit the number of results to only those that apply to the Blackout Overlay occurrence.

    Status = the appointment status used in the Blackout Appointment Status ID

    Resource = the resource in which the Blackout Overlay was applied to

    Begin Date = the date the Blackout Overlay was applied to

    End Date = typically the same date as the begin date

  4. Click Search
  5. A list of results will populate in descending order
  6. To open the appointment, double click on the search result
  7. Right click over the selected appointment and select Move
  8. Move the appointment to a new appropriate place
  9. Right click over the appointment and change the Status to Scheduled (or any appropriate status for scheduling)
  10. Right click over the schedule to re-open the Search Appointments report
  11. Re-run the report by selecting Search
  12. Repeat steps until all appointments haven been rescheduled and statuses have been updated