Setting Receipt Analysis Parameters

When users first open the Receipt Analysis, they will see a list of parameters to use for the report. After making selections from the below, they will choose the 'Search' option at the bottom right of the window to run the report:

  1. Report Options: These parameters allow users to make changes to the underlying functionality of the report. 
    1. Receipt date range: The report will return only receipts with a receipt date in the range specified. This report has a maximum date range of 31 days. 
    2. Applied Amount: Allows a user to select if they'd like to display the applied amount on the Detail Reports or not. The user also has the option to select Unapplied Only, which will modify the whole report to only pull in the portion of qualifying receipts that remains unapplied. 
    3. Include Reversals: This denotes whether reversals should be included in the results.
  2. Filters
    1. Service Location: This field filters on the location on the receipt.
    2. User: This field filters on the user who entered the receipt. 
    3. Payment Method: This field filters on the payment method of the receipt.