Check Patient In

How to Check-In Appointments

Video Guide

  1. Right click over the patient appointment, select Checked-In

2. The Patient Validation runs looking for missing critical information that would impact billing, Click OK

3. Missing items can be added by clicking on the patient name in the upper left hand corner, taking you to the Patient Setup

4. After making corrections and saving the information, you’ll be back at the Quick Pay screen, where the Patient Validation can be ran again, ensuring all necessary information has been entered

5. If your practice takes Co-pays at check-in, this may be entered from the Quick Pay window

6. Simply enter the Payment Amount, Payment Type (Co-pay), and Payment Method in the Receipt Detail area of the Quick Pay window. 

7. Select Create Receipt for cash, check, and non-PaySimple credit card payments. (Read more about our PaySimple credit card integration.)

8. For PaySimple credit card payments, select Take Payment

Most practices will wait to print the receipt until Check-Out in order to include future appointments, proof of visit, and proof of payment on the same printout.  However, receipts will generate in the Receipt Transactions area and can be printed during Check-In, if necessary. Simply select the receipt and then select the Print Receipt button located at the bottom of the screen.