User Setting: Problem List Favorite Search Days

The 'Problem List Favorite Search Days' user setting allows a user to choose how far back in time to look when generating the 'Favorites List' in the Problem List chart tab.  This setting works in conjunction with the Problem List Favorite Search Type user setting.  

The reason this setting exists is so that the favorites list displayed shows relevant and timely data. For example, if no time frame existed, iSalus would build a list of favorites based on all of the data in the system.  This becomes problematic when a specific code that was used commonly is no longer an acceptable code.  Without this setting, you would have to use the "acceptable" code for several years to surpass the "unacceptable" code by usage.  However, when a time frame is added, the "unacceptable" code will be used less in this smaller time frame compared to the "acceptable" code.

Default Value: 365 days


  • Search Days:  Set this to a number of days in the past to look