Release 23.08 - May 18th, 2023

New Features and Updates



  • E15286 - New 'Deceased_Pat_RespParty' report:  Created a new Connect report called Deceased_Pat_RespParty which generates a listing of patients who have passed away over a time period based on the RHC (death) date. More details can be found here.

Bug Fixes


Patient Cost Estimator

  • B15020 - Patient Cost Estimator Logic:  Recalculation of logic to better factor Co-Insurance and Out of Pocket amounts.  

Batch Eligibility

  • B15290 - Dialysis Batch Eligibility:  Corrected an issue with "Missing or Invalid Provider Information" coming back into the Error queue.


  • B15316 - Vitals Screens:  Vitals now display on the patient's MML account such as Height, Weight, Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar.


History Chart Tab 

  • B15023 - Print format issue:  Printing Patient Medical History within EMR chart tabs such as HPI will now be formatted as the screen displays with proper spacing and without inserting special characters such as < >.