Manually Send An Intake Link to a Patient via Intake Assignment

Generate an Intake Link

Once you have assigned an intake you will need to send the patient an Intake Link if you intend for the patient to complete this on a mobile device or at home on a computer.


Steps To Complete

  1. After the intake has been assigned and you are ready to send a link to the patient that is specific to the form you intend for them to complete
  2. The Intake Assignment window from iScheduler or EMR generates links in the same way:
  3. Select the assigned intake to highlight the item.
  4. Select Send Intake Link
  5. This will prompt a window with a selection for which contact to send the link to:
    • Patient Phone
    • Patient Email

  6. The patient will receive a link in the message and confirm their Last Name and DOB followed by a 2FA