Which CCDA Export Option Should I Use?

This article will help you decide the best option for the CCDA export using the Summary of Care screen. There are two options available for this; Manual Export or Automated. Each option has its own benefits and considerations.


  1. Are the files needing to be generated and used only once? (one-time export)
    • Use the Manual Export
  2. Are the files needing to be generated on a nightly basis? (recurring)
    • Yes, Recurring export
      • Will the files be provided to a single vendor or multiple?
        • Single = Either option
        • Multiple = Automatic/Interface
    • No - Use Manual Export
  3. Will there be a user who is dedicated to downloading and sending the files?
    • Yes - Manual export
    • No -  Automatic / Interface

Manual Export

The manual CCDA export option allows a user to set up and download the .XML files for various scenarios. This requires the user to return back to the Summary of Care screen and download the files to their computer's file directory. This can only be done via Google Chrome. More information on this option can be found here.


  • Allows the practice to manage and provide the files at their discretion
  • No associated setup fees, free option


  • A user has to download the files manually after the export runs overnight
  • A user must leave their computer active during the download

Automatic / Interface

The automatic CCDA export requires an interface with the vendor(s) who intends to process the CCDA files. This option comes at a cost to the practice and/or vendor for the configuration and connectivity of the interface. If you wish to set up a CCDA interface, the practice will need to request this by sending an email to support@isalushealthcare.com


  • Allows the practice to set up automated exports for multiple vendors
  • Processing power, storage, and time commitments are taken on by iSalus as opposed to the practice user


  • The cost associated with setting up the connection and exports. Determined during a scoping call with the practice and vendor
  • Setup time is longer as it involved multiple parties