Overview of Billing Dashboard

On the Billing Dashboard, an administrator or user can quickly assess the status of the practice's billing, as well as identify tasks that need attention. The billing dashboard is divided into 3 sections, which will each be covered in detail: 

  • Today's ActivityThe tiles in the Today's Activity section show data for today's date of service based on data from your schedule, billing, and EMR portals.
  • Revenue Cycle WheelThe revenue cycle wheel displays billing specific information in regards to claims and each step of the revenue cycle process.
  • Key Performance IndicatorsThis section gives quick access to view trends based on the options selected for a designated period of time.


  • User Setup - Allows the user to customize the view and data used for the views on the dashboard
  • Aging Status - Displays the last time the Aging in the system was recalculated
  • Aging Recalculation - Launches the process to recalculate aging

Dashboard Overview Video