Receipts Overview

In the billing portal, there is a category for Payment Posting. Within that category is found the Receipts screen. Users will use this screen to Work Error Receipts, Search for Receipts, Access the Receipt Details screen, Reconcile Receipts, and Import Receipts.

Setup Information

There are several company settings and other rules that will affect exactly how receipts are posted (or not posted) to claims.  You can find an explanation for each setting along with the default values that are applied in the Receipt Setup documentation. As a practice, you will be responsible for updating these settings to meet your business rules.

Workflow Information

Practices can accept a patient payment and post it into the system in many ways, including:

  1. Using the Quick Pay screen
  2. Using the Credit Card Payment screen
  3. Patients can pay online via credit card with MyMedicalLocker
  4. Patients can pay via credit card using the Intelligent Intake process
  5. Using the Receipts screen

Each time a payment is successfully made, a new receipt is added to the system with a status of “New”.   Once a receipt is added to the system, it will eventually follow the Receipt Posting Automation Logic.