OfficeEMR Mobile - Android v1.0.173 (173) - February 25, 2021

Updates and Bug Fixes


  • U11153 - Redesigned Date Input fields:  Prior to this release, if users needed to enter a date (e.g. DOB) they had to scroll through the separate input fields in order to select a day/month/year. If the date occurred significantly in the past or future, this could prove to be tedious. New logic was implemented with this release that will now allow users to manually enter the date instead of having to scroll through pre-determined dates:


  • 11301 - Expanded Diagnosis Lookup results:  Searching for a Diagnosis on the Charges screen now returns 250 results (prior to this release it would only show 50):


  • B11328 - Calendar Month Advancement:  Resolved an issue where clicking the 'Forward' arrow on the iScheduler calendar was not advancing the schedule a month at a time: