Screen Definitions: Fax Inbox - PDF Split

This article describes the functionality of all buttons and pop-out screens within the PDF Split window. A quick use guide is available for step-by-step instructions on the screen.

Page Section

Page Selection
The dropdown is available to navigate between all pages non-sequentially quickly and will display the currently associated group alongside the page number.
Page Navigation
The arrows allow you to navigate forward and backward through the pages.

Exclude Page
The checkbox will allow a specific page to be removed/excluded from group assignments. The main purpose of this feature is to allow Cover Pages to be excluded when doing mass page associations.

Page Counts

  • Total
    Label to display the Total number of pages in the PDF Split session.
  • UnGrouped
    Label to display the number of pages unassigned to a group
  • UnSaved
    Label to display the number of unsaved pages
Details (Page Summary)

The Page Details pop-out window allows the user to view a summary of the state of each page within the session. The Details screen allows the user to gain insights into the current state of all pages within the PDF Split window. This includes Page Exclusion, Group Assignment, Saved Status, and Communication Status.

The Icons seen next to the Page header indicate these same details:

eDocument Saved =
Page or Group containing the selected page has been saved to the eDocuments portal & MAY also be assigned for eDocument review.

Communication Sent =
Page or Group containing the selected page has been sent to a user/user group containing an attachment of the selected page.

Group Section

Groups = Individual eDocuments, when utilizing groups treat each group as an eDocument to be saved within a specific chart/location. The group name will typically be used as the eDocument file name which will be displayed throughout the system.
Page Assignment
  • Add Page to Group
    The plus icon will allow for the page in focus to be added to the currently selected group.
  • Delete Page from Group
    The minus icon will allow for the page currently assigned to the selected group to be dissociated

Group Selection & Navigation
  • Group Selection Dropdown
    Use the dropdown to navigate to a new group OR create a new group by selecting the first item within the list.
  • Group Navigation 
    Use the left and right arrows to navigate between groups.

Group Name
The text field may be used to name the group to be used for organization purposes as well as the Default File Name when saving to eDocuments.

Group Creation
In addition to the [New Group] option within the dropdown, the New icon can be used to create a new group with a single click.
Group Preview
IMPORTANT! The preview is used to display the prepared pages in the selected group. Prior to saving the Group to eDocuments, it MUST BE PREVIEWED to bring the group into context.

The page/group "in context" is shown in the toolbar (see highlighted section). This is the item to be Saved to eDocument and/or Sent via Communications.


The toolbar contains the actions related to either the Previewed/Displayed Group or Page, with the exception of the Audit which shows the historic actions related to PDF Split for the entire Fax Inbox item.

Save to eDocuments

This screen contains the same functionality as other Save eDocuments / Mark for Review screens within the system. This screen allows for individual Pages or Groups to be Saved to a specified eDocument Location AND/OR assigned to a User/User Group's My Task eDocuments list for review.

Send Communication

This screen contains the same functionality as other Send Communication screens within the system. This screen allows for individual Pages or Groups to be attached to a communication and sent to User(s)/User Group(s).

Audit History

The Audit contains the relevant information to the entire fax and will show a detailed history of finalized actions for each of the pages/groups organized chronologically.

Displayed Page/Group

The currently Displayed Page or Previewed Group will be shown within the toolbar. The toolbar actions such as Save to eDocuments & Send Communication affect the shown Page/Group.

Page DisplayedGroup Previewed

Working File

The working file (the PDF being split) is shown in the top-right of the screen indicating which item within the Fax Inbox is being split. 


Mark as Completed
The 'Mark as Completed' button will place a strikethrough on the fax record and navigate to the next item within the Fax Inbox.