Claim Supplemental Amount Found

Error Level: Claim

Error Message: At least one claim supplemental amount was found.  

Actions to Take: Please choose to ignore this issue or add the appropriate claim.

Note: If you're seeing a Claim Supplemental Amount with the code AU, this likely needs to be ignored, and modified to always be ignored in the setup. 

  1. Click Resolve

    The fields will be populated with information from the claim, and its procedure lines will be displayed. The application will attempt to associate the Adjustment Amount with the correct procedure lines based on the outstanding balance of those procedures.

  2. Make any necessary changes to the posting information that you desire.
    NOTE:  If you do not allocate the entire adjustment amount, the error will still exist:

  3. Click Save.

About this Error:  This error occurs because a claim supplemental amount was found, and the system needs additional information to apply the money or ignore it.