Company Setting: Default 2FA Setting for Users

The Default 2FA Setting for Users company setting allows an administrator to determine the authentication requirements for accessing the system. Depending on practice preference and intended implementation, the following options will help drive this transition. This article describes the various options and considerations for each.

Steps to Complete

  1. Navigate & Search for the Company Setting: "Default 2FA Setting for users"
  2. Set the Value to one of the Value Options (described in detail below)
  3. Save

Value Options

1 = No Requirement
Users will not be required to set up any method for 2FA authentication.

2 = Suggest 2FA
Users will be prompted to configure 2FA upon login. They will be guided to download an Authenticator application on their cell phone. However, they will be granted an option to bypass the configuration. Users who bypass the configuration step will continue to be prompted each time they log in until complete.

If you choose to set the value to '2', this will allow users to bypass the setup. If having 2FA is a requirement by your Cybersecurity Insurance or other IT policies, it is recommended to use the 'Require' option to ensure all users are enabled.

3 = Require 2FA (Overrides user setting)
Similar to the 'Suggest' option, 'Require' will also guide the user to download an authenticator application and link their account via QR code, but they will not be given the option to bypass the configuration. This is the option to choose if having a 2FA login is required for all users. It will ensure that upon the next login, every user will be forced to set up their 2FA application.