OBX.15 Performing Lab Information

This article describes the required positions for Performing Lab Information to be visible in the lab column within the Results as well as the Printed Report. These values will need to be sent within the ORU.HL7 file by the performing lab.

INTERNAL: This will require a change to the TPS 1 Type mapping

OBX.15 Mappings

SegmentDescriptionDisplayed Format
OBX.15.1Lab ID varchar(5)UI: {OBX.15.1}
Print: {OBX.15.1}+': '
OBX.15.2Facility NameUI: Name: {OBX.15.2}
Print: {OBX.15.2} + ' '
OBX.15.3Facility AddressUI: Address: {OBX.15.3}
Print: {OBX.15.3}+ ' '
OBX.15.4Miscellaneous/Other IDUI: Not Displayed
Print: {OBX.15.4}+ ' '
OBX.15.5CityUI: City-State: {OBX.15.5}
Print: {OBX.15.5}
OBX.15.6StateUI: , {OBX.15.6}
Print: {OBX.15.6} 
OBX.15.7ZipUI: {OBX.15.7}
Print: {OBX.15.7}
OBX.15.8DirectorUI: Director: {OBX.15.8}
Print: {OBX.15.8}
OBX.15.9PhoneUI: Phone: {OBX.15.9}
Print: ph: {OBX.15.9}

UI Screenshot

Printed Requisition

ex. OBX.15
MessageLabID^LabName^Street Address^OtherID(Internal Lab ID/CLEA)^City^State^Zip^Director^PHONE#