Release 23.05 - April 6th, 2023

New Features and Updates


Comments and Alerts

  • U14767 - Date Shortcut:  Functionality of date calendar controls from other screens is now available within date fields under Claim Comments and Alerts.  Examples of these are:
    • T - will load current day's date
    • L - will clear the date
    • Up arrow - will increment the current date displayed by 1 day
    • Down arrow - will decrement the current date displayed by 1 day

  • U14745 - New Comment (+) Button:  The + (New Comment) icon is now at the top of Existing Comments rather than below them.



  • U14990 - Clinical Summary email address:  Clinical Summaries sent via MML will now be sent from the user account's email address.  If the user does not have an email address on file, then "" will be used.


  • U14877 - Performance Fix:  Several changes were made on the back end to decrease load times and increase system performance regarding SOAP notes. 

Bug Fixes


Comment Editor

  • B14737 - New and Save button functionality:  When accessing Patient Comment editor from the Patient Setup screen, the <New> and <Save> buttons on the toolbar will function respectively.  <New> will trigger a new comment and <Save> will save a new comment. 

  • B14744 - Patient Comment Audit:  The Comment Editor window will now display an audit log from the gear icon.


Batch Payment Posting

  • B14893 - Manually Applying Receipt to a Claim:  If the Batch Payment Posting Company Setting is set to '2 = Required', the Payment amount field can now be edited to allow a partial payment to a Claim within the claim payment window from a Receipt.