How to Contact Support

Use one of the following options to contact support and create a new ticket:

Create a Ticket through the Application's Support Portal

  1. Access the Support Portal by clicking on the 'headset icon' in the upper right corner of the application.

  2.  In the Support Portal window, click the 'New' button.

  3.  A window will open with a form to be completed. Users must include their name and email, and agree that there is no Protected Health Information (PHI) included in their request. When the form is complete, click 'Submit Query'.

  4. All previously existing tickets will be visible within the Support Portal. However, the 'Reply' functionality will no longer be available. Users will be asked to create a 'New Ticket' instead.

    Expanding on our current support processes, the new Support Portal will allow us to more thoroughly scale our support quality, responsiveness, and self-service over the next few years.

Create a New Support Ticket outside the Support Portal

Send an email to

Call the Support Team: 877.280.6640

Go to our Support Website and click 'Log a Ticket'.