Revenue Cycle Wheel - Post - Overview

The Post category represents insurance and patient payments that are available to be posted into the system.  Clicking on each sub-category will expand the list to display more detailed information regarding the data in that sub-category.  Clicking the magnifying glass to the right of each line will open either the deposits, posting, or receipts screen displaying the detail data for the selection.  Post is broken down into 4 sub-categories.

  • New Deposits - Deposits that have been downloaded or manually added to the system that are still in New status and have not yet been posted into the system.
  • Receipts - Receipts that have not been applied yet to the system.  These can be New receipts but also Receipt Errors.  
  • Deposit Errors - Deposits that have been added to the system but contain errors that need to be addressed prior to posting.
  • Posting Errors - Posting Errors represents claims where the deposit was posted but during posting errors were found at the claim level.