Choice Analytics

About Choice Analytics

Choice Analytics is a powerful tool that allows a practice to produce custom reports against key business metrics using Microsoft Excel. For each requesting site, iSalus creates a data model in SSAS that is repopulated with data on a recurring basis. An Office Data Connection file (.odc) is then made available for download. 

By opening this file with Excel, the user opens a connection to the site’s data model, at which point they can use the Excel Pivot Table features to create custom reports. Click here to learn more about how to use Microsoft Pivot Tables.

Please note that these reports do not need to be re-created each time new data is needed—rather, the data in the report can be refreshed from Excel, meaning that these custom reports only need to be defined once.  

Available Packages

iSalus currently supports three separate data models in Choice Analytics: the Billing and Scheduling packages, and the Denial Analytics package. For more information, please choose from the below:

Requesting Access

In order to access Choice Analytics, your practice must enroll in this service.  If you have not done so, please contact us at