Company Setting: Prescription Settings and Rules - MyMedicalLocker - MyMedicalLocker Prescription Refills Appointment Weeks

For practices that provide their patients with access to MyMedicalLocker (aka the Patient Portal), you have the ability to turn on or turn off the ability for a patient to request a refill of a medication that you prescribed. If you have this setting on, you can set a threshold that determines if a prescription is automatically denied or not based on how long it has been since the patient's last appointment.  If you set the value to '3', this means the patient should have had an appointment within the last 3 weeks. If not, the refill request is auto-denied. You can control the message that the patient sees when this error occurs in Setup > MyMedicalLocker > Announcements.

Configuration Note:

All Prescription Settings and Rules can be configured here: Company Settings for Prescriptions

Default Value: 0


  • 0 - No appointment threshold is set
  • Number - The number of weeks for a patient's most recent appointment